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Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of...

I have a whole new respect and understanding of that song by Jay-Z and in general the vibe of New York now. Honestly you really don’t know the meaning of it until experiencing life out here. I’m about three and a half months in the game, and boy has this city evolved me already.

For starters I don't know what is in the air out here, but it honestly just makes you want to get on your grind and figure shit tf out. I’ve always had a hustle in me but this this right here, this right here n...(if you don’t get that reference we could never be friends in real life) this is a whole new beast of a hustle I’m exuding and it’s scary. I’ve been fumbling with this blog and the expansion of other things for years and in such little time I’ve laid the fundamental groundwork in building my brand and refocused my energy on what’s important, which has been a blessing.

This city has forced me out of my comfort zone completely and if I could tell the old me anything I’d say, “life is sooooo much more fulfilling outside of it, scary new but so fulfilling”. I went from staying in this routine with my life track and schedule on #Brilogic to being more spontaneous and less controlling. I explore cities and places by myself that I would skip out on previously. Ya girl is a metro queen now if you give me an addy I could effortlessly tell you what subway and or train to hop on. I told my friend by the end of the year when people asked where I’m from I’m claiming Harlem. Anyways, just my ability to be happy and content with self after a shaky 2018 and other life things is amazing.

I’ve been making more friends and become cognitively more aware of the way others perceive things. Ya girl got real life feelings now that she doesn’t mind communicating- that my friend is growth! The city is honestly making me a better version of myself which has been amazing to see from where I’ve started and trust when I tell you I’m nowhere near done.

Don’t get it twisted I’m forever Triple D’d dinnne and so H-Tine because Texas made and raised me. New York I’m growing to love because it’s molding me. This concrete jungle is making all of my dreams come true and it already holds a special place in my heart.



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