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Drunk Auntie Takes Miami

Im at that age where all my friends are getting engaged, married, and starting families having kids and then there is me. No doubt I'm right there with them, but regardless of my relationship/ family status I still like to party and have a good time which is why they refer to me as the #drunkauntie (we should really change that to lit auntie but whatevs). One of my friends is having a baby boy next month, and she's originally from Miami so she decided to have her shower back home. As soon as she told me about it I immediately knew I was about to make a mini trip out of it.

My original plans were to fly in Friday party, go to the shower Saturday, grab a few drinks with a friend then leave that night or early Sunday morning; although I took off work Monday as well, because Bri is notorious for missing flights or having some sort of foolishness happen. I found this really cute airbnb in Coral Gables which was the midpoint between the baby shower location and one of the places I knew I wanted to go.

Friday we went to dinner at Bakan in Wynwood and the ambience was nice, the drinks were quirky and the food I really enjoyed. My college roommate whom I hadn't seen in almost 5 years came to meet us and we hopped next door to Brick which was such a vibe! It's an outdoor venue which didn't really work well with my freshly pressed hair, but who cares when you're having fun!

Saturday was the baby shower, and if you are ever in Miami and in need of an event planner check out Soirees By Sony she did an absolute amazing job. It was a girls brunch with a "Now Boarding" theme for the arrival of baby Jaden check out some of the pictures below including the beautiful mother-to-be.

Now I know originally I stated I was heading home Saturday night, but in typical Bri fashion I changed my flight to Monday morning because when one of my other friends saw I was in Miami she absolutely would not let me leave without spending some time with her. She lives in the Brickell area downtown, which gave me Manhattan vibes but much more calmer. She took me to a bar called Sugar and the secluded bar on the same floor-Tea Room. When the night was over we both agreed that we needed another day to catch up. While she worked Sunday I met back up with my college roomie for brunch two words- BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. Then later that night we hit up KiKi On The River to end my mini adventure to Miami.

All in all I had an amazing time catching up with old friends and just enjoying life. Now I know y'all expected a wild turnup which is shocking that I didn't do the whole "South Beach" experience but, champagne (splashes of tequila), great friends, and good vibes was all the turnup I needed to end a great trip! Check out some more footage from the crazy weekend via my instagram highlights and feed @thebsparkle.



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