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Eiffel In Love with Paris!

As a hopeless romantic and a lover of fashion when asked a place I'd love to visit no questions asked- PARIS! Not going to lie I bought into the fanaticization of the city and everyone who visits always raves about how magical it is, so I've dreamed about going for quite some time now. At the beginning of the year my mom asked me to go on a cruise with her to Europe and I was down for the excursion, but with schedule conflicts there was no way I could take off work for two weeks and still be employed. So I plotted on this plan to meet up with her before the cruise left and venture off to make my dreams of visiting Paris a reality. Life has a funny way of happening and I was for sure not going to make it to the city of love when I originally intended to, but a 7hr flight later I found myself living out my dream.

Legit throughout the flight I kept having a conversation with myself like "Bitch you are really going to Paris...someone pinch me I'm dreaming- wait don't pinch this is a bomb dream...you are really doing all the shit you said you were going to do this year and I'm proud of you and I don't quite believe this is real at the moment." Once I calmed down and came to the realization that this was really my life I honestly had a moment of gratitude. Lord only knows what my life was like just a year ago transitioning out of one of the toughest moments of my life, and to be in this place was truly nothing but a blessing.

When people describe Paris as "the City of Love" believe it! Don't just think in the romantic way like I have to be in a relationship to enjoy this (although an added bonus) but honestly the city just makes you appreciate and enjoy love in all aspects. The entire time I was there I had an imaginary soundtrack playing in my head that was a cross between classical and jazz with a splash of upbeat hip hop (I'm a real life classy hoodrat lol) to really set the tempo. Everything was just beautiful from the architecture of the buildings to the simplicity of going to the market to get fresh bread (OMG there is a difference in bread there and I don't want any other bread after this trip).

My favorite part of the trip was probably going to the "gayborhood" for Halloween to a bar called Raidd. I absolutely had the time of my life with old and new friends. The crazy part is most of the fun happened outside of the bar as we waited for our uber. In Europe halloween isn't as widely celebrated as we do in the states so to see people in costume and to actually go all out is a special treat. As we waited for our uber ( who selfishly cancelled the ride as soon as he found us) there were these nuns and priests in costumes that came over, took pictures, and even helped translate a few things. I know I'll never see them again but they are my "seeestirrrsss" for life as they kept referring to us as.

Exploring the world has honestly brought me so much joy and the people I've came in contact with along the way have honestly been the best group of people I've ever met. I didn't get to see/ experience everything I hoped to on my first visit so it definitely gives me a reason to return. Even if I never get to experience the city again, Paris was definitely love at first sight!



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