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Everything Is Bigger(And Better) in Texas!

Growing up I used to look forward to fair day, the day you'd get out of school just to attend the State Fair of Texas (coined the biggest state fair in the nation!). I haven't lived in Dallas for almost 10 years so you can imagine how long it has been since I've attended the state fair. My off days for the month of October just so luckily aligned with the dates for the fair so it was a must I be in attendance.

As a kid/ teenager I loved the fair because I got to hang out with my friends, ride rides, and HELLO- be out of school just to do it! As an adult though, my only interest are food and booze, the more the merrier! I called my mummz to shoot hooky from work and join me for a day of gluttony and adventure. In true Bri fashion I asked my aunt to pull a few strings to get us into the fair with a little extra perks and she didn't disappoint! My mummz and I entered in style with police escort and everything, it was in the highest of lowkeys kinda glamorous.

Once on fair grounds we headed to the ticket booth to purchase tickets for food and all of the other attractions. Anytime I'm with my mummz we snag free stuff, and a kid was leaving and decided to gift us a ton of tickets for less than half the price (this adventure was already a win). I already had a list for everything I wanted to try and first on my list was the fried cheesecake. I'm not really big on sweets, but something about the description of the cheesecake really caught my attention; lets just say I'm so happy I tried it because it was totally delicious. While I indulged in the cheesecake at the same booth they had fried frito pie in which my mummz wanted to try. I honestly was disinterested and thought how can you spruce up regulardegular frito pie, and was wildly impressed with the burst of flavor and joy this "simple" dish brought to me ( hands down my favorite dish from the fair).

We couldn't be complete fatty's so we took some time to check out some of the exhibits on display like the veggie farm (I sound so nerdy but it was so cool!), the different invention exhibits, and shopping ( idk why but tons of people purchase hot tubs and mattresses at the state fair). Once we experienced all of that I was on a mission for the fried collard greens because I'm the true definition of a southern belle. I found them after about a 45 minute hunt of going in circles and was a bit underwhelmed by them. Don't get me wrong they were tasty but after having the collard green egg rolls from Live Oak in Houston it was hard to compare.

My mummz and I purchased a few other bites before wrapping up our day at the fair. It was honestly kinda nostalgic because my mummz was always the one to take us to the fair growing up, and it was like the old days this time I was fronting the bill and my partner in crime/ evil arch nemesis depending on the day (older brother) wasn't there. Overall the fair was a great experience my heart was full from spending quality time with my mummz and belly was full from all the delicious foods. I think everyone should experience the State Fair of Texas at least once in their lifetime, because after all everything is bigger and better in Texas!



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