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That title was a bit aggressive, but perfectly depicts my mood for the first few months of the new year. I've teetered back and forth on starting this blog and building my brand. I've thought things like "no one is going to read this" or "what if I'm not as fashion forward as I think" or "when will I have time, and my anxiety" and a bunch of other negative Nancy bullshit (you'll get accustomed to my sailor mouth I hope).

At last, I've finally decided to get out of my own head and stop holding myself back. I bet on myself, took several huge leaps, had faith and just trusted in God. Talking to me years ago or hell even a few months ago if you told me I'd be moving across the country and finally starting this I'd laugh and tell you about perfect timing and this "plan"I had for my life. This plan where I never left my comfort zone and I'd somehow do everything from within it. I had total control of every aspect of everything and life would be "perfect"; it's what I like to call #BriLogic - insane I know. I'm not going to tell you I got all deep and did this soul searching to find a deeper meaning in life or something cliche like that. Truth is I got tired and bored of this roller coaster of a life, and decided to focus on the things I had control over and do something about it. I thought hell if I'm experiencing the ups and downs while "controlling" things what harm will it do if I just say fuck it and be spontaneous live life a little while doing something I love.

So 1700+ miles later here I am in New York my new home, and here is the start of my blog and brand in which I have a vision for so much more. I love fashion and what better city to leap into than the big apple. Took a job in which I absolutely love and said FUCK FEAR! Here is to the start of something great- not just your typical cookie cutter blog about just fashion but much more and authentically every aspect of me because fuck it why not. Hope you enjoy!



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