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Let me just start this off by saying anything Rihanna puts out I stan for and support period. Sis dropped shoes and I waited in line for them. Sis dropped makeup (which is bomb.com btw) and suddenly pretty much the only makeup products that touch my face are hers. Sis dropped Fenty lingerie, and realize I’ve worked in the best of the best high end lingerie for years, although it wasn’t La Perla or Agent Provocateur it was black owned and better than Vicky secret so, I stan. When word came out about sis expanding her empire I was excited, but while it's coming from my fav it’s fashion so I’m not so easy to please.

Overall her first collection gives me the vibes she’s been giving off lately. It’s androgynous, but sexy which makes perfectly sense, because she’s put on some happy weight and that look has been going well for her lately. Lots of the pieces are oversized but tailored, as well as the simple slinky silks that are totally in at the moment. Personally I’m a fan, due to the fact I’m not a total girly girl. Majority of the time I like to classify my style as androgynous and slightly sporty chic I love a good oversized anything with the slightest bit of sexiness. To me it’s like “I don’t need to show skin or wear super fitted clothing, but don’t get it fucked up I still got bawwwwdddy”

Photo Credit: @fenty ig

Let’s get into the accessories in which I honestly feel like she’s going to make most of her money on. The shades are extra af like a side of guac and scream boss bitch, bad bitch, hell every bitch you can think of. The shoes are my absolute favorite and she has experience in shoes so I wouldn’t expect anything less. You can’t go wrong with a strappy heel EVER unless it’s like -10 degrees outside and still anything for fashion. I love her take on a strappy heel it gives me 90’s vibes with a modern minimalistic twist.

Photo Credit: @fenty ig

Safe to say I’ll definitely be shoving out more coinz to support RiRi in her new business venture. I think I’ll start with shoes and shades. 🗣FENTY ME DOWN HUNTTY. Also bizarre, but if Rihanna ever reads this I speak for the fans can we get one last farewell album before you give up music completely please and thank you- also take your time sis there is no rush. Check out some of my favs from the collection!



Photo Credit: 1.@fenty 2.@thewebster 3.@kcworldwide 4.@kcdworldwide 5.@_alexisbennett

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