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From London, with Love ❤️

I’ve always thought of myself as open to new things and that whimsical “oooohhhh the world is so big get out and view it” type philosopher...all while still taking the same old trips to Mexico, the Bahamas, and all the thot...I mean hot spots in the U.S. 🙃. When I tell you Europe has opened my eyes to so much more bayyyyyybeee I'm in love.

The devil was really working hard for me to miss my damn flight as well as getting this blog post up by deleting all of my pictures from this trip mysteriously outside of these few, but that’s a story for a different day. Just know the way my God (read that like gawwwdd in my ratchet girl voice) is set up he’s working harder, way harder.

Okay, so when I first landed I had no concrete plans I said I’d go wherever the wind blew me (my Virgo sun and rising has been having a heart attack from this mindset). I didn’t have any real expectations outside of kid Bri thinking it would be a cool place to say I’ve been after getting a souvenir of Big Ben from my mom on her visit when I was younger. My friend was my tour guide since he frequents London a lot and he doubled as my photographer in which I may need to hire him full time for because he had sis looking gooodt and was really getting down to get all my angles - I fucking stan. Each place he took me he was sure to give a random fact or slight history lesson which was so dope for me, because I’m a nerd and love new knowledge. One thing I will say about London though as a fatass, I mean what do the bloggers call it- a “foodie” yea as a foodie (more sophisticatedly put), their traditional food was sub par. Coming from a girl from the south it didn’t have a lick of flavor. Randomly enough they have really tasty Indian food. The fashion was dope as well like their style there, hell in all of Europe is just so effortless and chic- I love it! Sad I didn’t really get to shop, but I did take a look at some of the high end shops there and I was in heaven.

On my last day as I’m sitting in the hotel reflecting and just grateful for this experience I realize this is what life is about. I walked 10 miles through London, ate at the cutest bakery, was in the presence of royals (I mean I do that everyday dealing with myself but legit royals), saw things and places some dream of seeing. I don't know not to sound clichè, but it broadened my perspective and made me realize I have so much more world to see. If you ever get a chance to travel don’t stick to your typical trips get out of your norm and open your world to something new and truly immerse yourself in the culture.

From London with love,


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