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Insecure, But Hella Fashionable

I rarely ever watch actual television which has changed a bit since quarantine, but let’s make one thing clear- quarantine or no quarantine I’m hella lit that HBO's hit show “Insecure” is back! Two episodes in, and why yes I’m ecstatic to see my virtual fictional homegirls back on my living room screen I can’t help but acknowledge the looks my girls have been serving, courtesy of costume designer Shiona Turini. What I love most about the show is that they really embody the culture, and Shiona doesn’t shy away from that theme when choosing pieces and designers for the characters.

There is Issa, the main character, who plays an awkward version of herself, and is known for keeping it lowkey. Let’s not confuse that for her inability to give us fashion. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites from Issa thus far.


- An ode to LA’s own Nipsey Hussle and keeping it consistent with Issa’s signature graphic tee collection she rocked this Marathon Clothing tee to participate in “self-care Sunday” with her girl Molly.

- So proud of Issa for not only this moment in the show, but the look as well. They both showed she’s taking this block party plan seriously. Can we get into this vegan leather blazer and matching skirt by Nanushka.

-While awkwardly trying not to make things awkward by making them awkward in true Issa fashion, she rocked this Missoni ribbed crop accompanied by a Dries Van Noten plaid skirt with a cute mini Telfar bag to tote.

Then there is her bff Molly, portrayed by actress Yvonne Orgi, an attorney who outside of the dating department, does pretty well for herself. Although Molly hasn’t been a fan favorite thus far into the new season I think one thing we can agree on as a collective- sis has been showing up to the fashion table and simply eating!


-Molly kicked off a bowling date night with Asian bae in this super cute/flirty Meski bustier and Masion Margiela cutout denim paired with Fallon jewelry hoops.

-This dress!...that’s all..that’s the explanation. Molly rocked this Sally LaPointe dressed paired with a cute Balenciaga hourglass bag to support her girl Issa.

-My high end girlfriend took me through some “slime season” looks for episode 2. My fav by far was this Off-white suit she gave to us as she strutted through the office.

Condola’s the new chick on the block played by, actress, Christina Elmore. Shallow af, but one of the quickest way to win me over is, you guessed it, to be well put together and fashion forward; Condola is just that so it's safe to say I approve of this new edition to the show. Here are my favorite Condola looks.


- I love me a good set and Condola rocked the hell out of this Orseund Irus polka dot skirt and crop top.

- Don’t get me wrong the fit is fly, but who am I kidding the only things I’m focusing on are the accessories that tie everything together. The Louboutin booties are to die for (and sold out everywhere 😩) and I’m loving the black Boyy tote.

- Despite Molly’s shade towards her birkin bag, once I saw Condola in this fit I vowed to

stop calling her Corolla and Condolences and put some respect on her name. Condola pulled out a red birkin to serve looks with this Monse track pants and matching blazer.

Now, although I’m all about girl power we can’t deny the fact that Andrew better known as “Asian bae,” played by Alexander Hodge, has been looking goodT ( the T is definitely intended). While we haven't seen too much of his looks thus far I can’t leave out #Lawrencehive. Since Lawrence, who actor Jay Ellis portrays, has a job now I’m excited to see more than just the Best Buy polo. Here are my favorite guy takes from the first two episodes.


-Andrew has definitely been matching his part-time bae Molly's fly by pulling out both of these dope Valentino jackets. First look was with the navy button up jacket he paired with a matching navy pant. This look gave me boiler work gear, but fashion. I also loved how he kept it simple with the denim jacket paired with the white crew neck underneath, giving effortless chill, for the failed attempt of “chill & chill” date night.

As you can see all the girls are holding their own and serving looks this season, and Shiona hasn’t forgotten about the fellas either, making the year hiatus well worth the wait! If you aren’t familiar with the show add it to your must binge list, catch up during your downtime this week, and watch the new episode with me at the virtual block party this Sunday at 10pm EST and don’t forget your drink, it isn’t an Insecure block party without a drink. Dress up- make it Insecure, but hella fashionable!



(All pictures courtesy of @insecurehbo/screen grabs)

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