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It's Outerwear not Underwear!

Before working in high end lingerie I never put thought into your undergarments being nothing but just that, under garments. Once you spend a pretty penny on your intimates (which is something I said I'd never "waste" money on- currently laughing at young #Brilogic as I browse La Perla basics) trust me that mindset shifts quickly to "y'all gone see this shit!"

I have all of these cute sets from UK brand, Agent Provocateur (if you've never heard of them stop what you're doing after you finish reading this of course and check out their website agentprovocatueur.com - their end of the season sales are when I rack up!) I typically go for the bras that are extra like me and I'm always trying to style them in new ways. One of my favorites in particular is referred to as the "Lacy". The full set is to die for, and was my very first set purchase from the brand so it holds a special place in my heart. Now my dress style preference isn't to go full on sex kitten so I don't incorporate the whole set, but just a little teaser of sexy with the bra does the trick for me.

I originally spiced up my "Lacy" bra for date night out. The bra added major elevation to simple pieces like a Zara bodysuit and jeans from Alice & Olivia. Check out the motion picture comparisons of the look without the bra and with to add the extra wow.

The second time I pulled out the same bra was for a girls night out on the town. Every girl owns a LBD and this was my fun yet sexy way to put a spin on it. So the next time you invest in some lingerie add it to your actual wardrobe to add some spice/ sex appeal.



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