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Life With Hue: The Color Factory Experience

I say this every time I attend a museum/exhibit, but if you didn’t know I’m telling you now- MUSEUMS ARE MY SH*T! Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way you can better understand the excitement I had when I found out about The Color Factory being in Houston during my month of “self-care” away from work. My sister referred to me as Tommy from Martin for the entire month, but enough of that back to the colors. The Color Factory is a cool exhibit that started in San Fransisco back in 2017 and migrated to New York, and now Houston! They collaborate with different artists, designers, and creators alike to display and tell their different color stories- the best part it's interactive and instagramable! I brought along my older sister to experience the whole thing with me because I love sister time and I needed a photographer, but don’t tell her the latter part!

When we arrived we were greeted by a factory worker and ice cream- they’ve won me over already. The ice cream was Mochi which was like a fluffy dough wrapped frozen deliciousness. As we waited I wasted no time to flick up pictures of the yarn installation in the lobby coined the name “Thirty” because it uses thirty different colors The Color Factory associates with Houston. We maneuvered through 14 total spaces from floating colored balls, to confetti throwing, to entering space with a NASA themed sea of plastic balls and so much more!

Here are the details:


3303 Kirby Drive right by the Original Carraba's

How Much?

$35/adults $28/kids 12 and under free for the babies

What’s Included?

admission into the exhibit, complimentary snacks throughout, UNLIMITED time to explore

Get The Tickets!

Color Factory!

The Color Factor was a spectacular experience that my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that we are already planning to visit the New York location. The exhibit is a place for any and all age groups. Each person gets a different interpretation of the range of color installations and how each contributor views color in a different light; kind of like hues its all one main color/idea but it can create so much more! We had a chance to be kids, explore, and smile. I’ll be sharing some behind the scene moments via my instagram story so be sure to tune in. I highly recommend if you are in the Houston area or even in New York you take some time to visit and take a look at life from a different hue!



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