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I Think This Is The Ghetto...

I had this weird revelation about life as I was doing my first of the month things- meditating setting intentions/goals and planning. Let's start with this shit is the ghetto (I've been annoying my friends and calling everything ghetto especially when pertaining to me not getting my way or not understanding things). No, but seriously lately I've been deep thinking about this crazy thing called life, such a cliché I know. I'm not sure if its because I finally convinced my sister to start watching "This Is Us," everything about life is encompassed in that beautiful ass show, or maybe partially due to the fact that I always have these reflective moments after my birthday picking everything apart.

On my birthday my NaNa asked me how did it feel to turn a year older to which was greeted by my response "the same my dawg the absolute same." She responded with a small gem in typical Lula fashion with something along the lines of "I've been trynna tell people that for the longest. You really do the same things your whole life and it's just a matter of discovering the things that make you happy, after that it all feels the same." That convo pretty much started a life reel in my mind thinking back on all the past birthdays and years in general. Young #BriLogic used to think once you hit this adult stage life just magically comes with instructions and everything makes sense (clearly had a colorful imagination as a kid.) We never got any instructions and it took me about 20 years to realize parents too are figuring out life along with us.

The moments from my reel that stood out were of course my happiest of highs and the lowest of lows I'd like to forget, but in all of those moments encompassed the same concept of me really trynna figure out what makes me happy (figuring shit out- THE GHETTO) like my NaNa said. So as I sip my daily tea I come to the realization life is the ghetto until you figure out the things that make you happy and in essence decide who it is you want to be in life. I wake up everyday figuring out ways to get tf up out the ghetto and acting on them as should you!



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