Too Close For Comfort: WFH Chronicles

Day 18 of what feels like Day 185000 of quarantine and I still have yet to master a twist out or any other natural hairstyle, me and my sister have not yet killed each other but instead have arguments on important subject matters like the proper time to wash dishes when you’re cooking. I have found joy and solace in waking up drinking my morning tea and practicing yoga. The new norm of a "day out" has been trips to the grocery store, and tuning in to whatever music battle or dj set is going down with a glass of red wine for a night cap. I’ve tried to always look at situations with the glass half full, but the truth of the matter is sweats have become boring and I’m unsure if I am mastering this whole “work from home” ordeal while still maintaining to keep my sanity.

Yes, I love sweats and not getting dressed some days, but after so many days of not doing so it kind of makes you forget that I’m indeed still "THAT B*TCH”. So this week I woke up and decided to shake things up a little bit by putting on makeup, and wearing some outfits to stay comfortable, but still feel like myself. I know that many of you are school teachers or work in the corporate realm where you take daily video conference calls or speak to a group via video chat, so I put together some “wfh” suggestions to still be comfortable but look presentable as well. After all when you look good you feel good and when you feel good it’s all good right?!

Change the season! You’re in the comfort of your own home make the season whatever makes you happy. I’m a lover of the winter time- it’s cozy reminds me of family and some of my favorite holidays that bring together all of my favorite people. To emulate winter this week I wore my favorite sweaters and cardigans paired with leggings or my favorite comfy joggers.

Rework your sweats! As a former athlete I have a ton of sweats and they are separated by the “good”and the regular ones. My good sweats honestly are just ones I’ve bought and haven’t trashed or worn an absurd amount of times throughout the years. Typically when lounging in the house under normal circumstances I just throw on the regular ones ( I am certain this is not just #Brilogic and I am not alone in this). This week change it up by pulling out the “good”ones! They are like new and give a change- something that we need when our day to day is beginning to become redundant and quite mundane.

pictured above are my coworkers favorite socks!

Check my footwork! No look is complete without a good shoe to seal in the look why not apply that to your “wfh” attire. No shoes are allowed in this house but we like to accessorize with our favorite socks ( I also wear my Fenty slides to the mailbox because they give me rich b*tch vibes).

Add color! Color is an instant mood booster. With everything going on in the world daily activities can be a downer, and quite frankly you get unmotivated. I have found adding a little bit of color to “wfh” looks has brightened the mood of not only myself but my “wfh” coworkers and has also motivated me to actually get things accomplished.

Show out! Once a week get dressed up as if things were back to normal. You don’t have to go full out but a loose fitting denim or loose fitting top throw that o!. If you really want to be fancy make it the fit you to rock to the grocery store.

Corona has already taken over your normalcies don’t let it take over you too. The circumstances aren’t ideal, but it’s always about making the best of the situation, and reminding yourself you are still “That B*tch!”



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